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Evenlode: specialist food ingredients supplier


Since 2005 Evenlode Foods Ltd have been selling dairy powders and vegetable oil powders across the food industry. Our extensive range takes us to all sectors and we have grown year on year since our formation. Key to this, we believe, is the in depth of knowledge we have of our range and our very close relationship with our suppliers and customers. This allows us to answer virtually all customer inquiries ourselves with certainty, promptness and authority. To offer this level of expertise we have resisted the temptation to add numerous suppliers and products to our inventory. We are not a one stop shop for everything you need to run your business. We are the best in the business in our chosen industry sector.

Most of the staff at Evenlode have worked in the food industry for over 20 years in product development, production and sales. Two of our key staff were previously employed for many years by our suppliers. This means that we have valuable relevant experience and can offer application/development support, attend factory trials and offer extensive market knowledge. Indeed many customers rely on us to develop and manufacture ingredient premixes and complete products for them. In this context we are heavily involved in areas such as beverages, desserts, bakery mixes and nutritional blends. We know the ingredients we sell from practical experience because we use them ourselves. Our knowledge is not confined to reading specification sheets.

We are justifiably proud of our service levels. We hold sample stocks and commercial quantities here in UK. Whether you want a 500 gram sample or a 5 tonne delivery, we can get it to you the next day if required.

Directors Bob Davey and Martin Parry are committed to providing our customers with the products, flexibility, technical support and market knowledge they need to make a success of their business. We believe passionately in a personal approach to business. For this reason we do not limit ourselves to email exchanges with customers. Personal contact, visits to their premises and invitations to ours form an integral part of what we do.