Ingredients for your Success

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Application support and problem solving: Evenlode’s staff have worked at the sharp end of product development and manufacturing so we know the difference between practise and theory.

We can offer extensive application recipes across all sectors so that you know not only which of our ingredients to use, but also how and at what inclusion level. Many of these recipes come from our Principle’s but when they do not cover your needs we can create one ourselves. In this way we can shorten your development time and also solve technical problems for you. Just some typical examples of our recent projects include:

  • Whipped dessert layer collapsing when in contact with fresh fruit in a dairy dessert – solved issues of   acid instability
  • Savoury sauce range in ready meals – reformulated to provide a creamer system that was dairy free
  • Ice cream mix – developed an instant recipe suitable for making at home
  • Cappuccino – improved dairy notes and foam stability by developing a unique foamer premix

There are many more examples but the key to this success is our interest to listen and to offer proactive solutions. Of course we can test many of our ideas on our own equipment including Hobart mixes, ice cream machines, blenders, bakery ovens, pressure vessels and steam jacketed tanks.