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Bespoke food ingredient premixes: Evenlode hold a very wide range of ingredients in our warehouse including fat powders, creamers, dairy products, cocoa, various carbohydrates, stabilisers, colours and flavours. We understand the complexity and cost of holding an ever increasing portfolio and the benefits to be had by stocking a single premix instead of several individual ingredients.

Unlike many ingredient distributors we have both the equipment and the strategy to help customers by supplying them with tailor made bespoke premixes. In this way their own operation is greatly simplified and furthermore we are able to pack in numerous specified pack weights to correspond to their batch sizes.

These premixes may be designed by us to solve a particular technical issue or they may be formulated and specified by the customer. In every case they are treated with utmost confidentiality and produced in a BRC accredited factory. Chemical, physical and microbiological testing can be offered subject to discussion.