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Beverage Creamers: Traditionally chocolate drinks for example were made up with fresh milk or instant mixes included skimmed milk powder. However a vegetable oil based creamer has better dispersion and a far greater functionality in terms of whitening and mouthfeel. An additional benefit is greater tolerance to hard water. Most products are available in non HVO format and dairy free products are also available for the growing vegan sector.

Product Description Useage
Vending creamers 30 – 60% fat based creamer Acid and hard water stable. Readily soluble Coffee, tea and general beverages
Instant beverages creamer 30 – 60% fat Milk replacer for instant beverages Instant hot chocolate, malted milk
Dairy free creamer No milk ingredients Acid and hard water stable Vegan and lactose free blends
Cold soluble creamers 30 – 50% vegetable oil Lecithinated for optimum solubility Meal replacers, shakes, energy drinks
Dairy based creamers Non fat milk solids plus vegetable oil Non HVO oil with skim, whey etc Neutral or fruit flavoured drinks