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Chocolate Drinks: Representing over 10% of hot drink sales throughout the year, hot chocolate is a growing sector especially in the premium sector.

We know that customers have their own specific tastes and are keen to have a chocolate drink that reflects both this and their own company image. This is why we work with customers to design unique formulations to meet these demands and then package them under the customers own brand. We have over 20 years experience in the sourcing, development and packaging of these products and we currently offer the following types:

  • Instant mix for water make up (retail and foodservice)Fairtrade
  • Vending mix
  • Milk mix products for cafes and bars
  • Thickened Italian style chocolate
  • Cold mix chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Spiced chocolate
  • Fairtrade products
  • Rainforest products
  • Organic products

All products are available in every packaging format from 10 grams to 1,000kg