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Dairy powders: We leave commodity dairy powders to others and specialise ourselves in dairy fats and fermented products. By offering them in powder form they have huge benefits in handling, storage and shelf life.

None of our products are dried on a carrier (except butter) and so can be declared as per their descriptive name. Most are cold soluble and all can be used in dry, ambient, frozen or retorted products. A large number of factories prefer to handle powders than chilled liquid dairy products. Our 75% cream powder, for example, is approximately double cream in powder form but it can be stored ambient and takes up only 10% of the space compared to fresh cream.

Product Description Useage
Cream Powders 55 – 75% fat  Retort, acid and freeze thaw stable Soups, sauces, ice cream, beverages
Quark powder Low fat, high protein Excellent mouthfeel and flavour Desserts, cheesecake, bakery mixes
Yoghurt powder Skimmed, full fat and blends  100% pure, no additives Confectionery, Indian food, dips, salad dressings
Sour cream Without carriers Readily soluble hot or cold Dips, snack food flavours, sauces
Creme fraiche Full fat 100% pure, no additives Sauces, dips, bakery fillings
Butter Powders 80% fat Based on butter or butteroil Bakery mixes, cooking sauces