Ingredients for your Success
Desserts & icecream mix Find out more about our desserts & icecream mix
We have tremendous expertise in aerated desserts including mousse and ice cream as well as traditional custards etc.
Frappes & shakes Find out more about our frappes and shakes
These products are generally made up with cold milk, often in a blender with crushed ice added. They are an important addition to the range in summer but sales of frappes have become a year round product.
chocolate drinks Find out more about our chocolate drinks
We know that customers have their own specific tastes and are keen to have a chocolate drink that reflects both this and their own company image.
Product design strategy Find out more about our product design strategy
We work with customers to develop bespoke products that meet their needs in every way.
Our development resources are at your disposal to produce the exact drink you desire.
savoury mixes Find out more about our savoury mixes
Our extensive ingredient base means we can also offer mixes for the savoury sector and most applications currently are for industrial customers. In all cases they are based on a unique blend.
Cappuccino mix Find out more about our cappuccino mix
Increasingly popular in retail and food service eg sachets for hotel bedrooms.