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Foamers: By injecting nitrogen under pressure into a coffee whitener or dairy based powder, we can offer a creamer which not only whitens a drink but also releases this gas as a foam during hydration of the end product. Whilst the drink itself is creamy in taste and appearance, this gas rises to the top as an attractive foam of small stable bubbles. Instant cappuccino mixes use these foamers at a high level or at lower inclusion rates they provide a very attractive appearance to instant chocolate drinks.

For those formulating cold mix recipes there are even foamers which are designed for this area too.

Product Description Useage
Instant hot foamers Skim and vegetable oil based Foam released on hydration. Also whitens Cappuccino mix, instant chocolate drink
Cold soluble foamers With and without vegetable oil  Cold dispersible and foaming Frappe, milkshake, desserts