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Nutritional oils: As well as providing whitening and creaminess there is also sometimes a need for the fat to contribute specific nutritional requirements. Meal replacers, by law, must contain minimum levels of essential fatty acids which the body cannot make itself and our powders can offer this. Most importantly these powders have a far longer shelf life than the oil would have on it’s own. MCT oil is increasingly demanded by adults undertaking intensive exercise as it releases double the energy of carbohydrate and much faster than any other fats. This also makes it beneficial in recovery foods for convalescents etc.

Using vegetable, seed and fish oils we can meet most requests for nutritional oils and at the same time provide additional benefits such as clean taste, long shelf life and creaminess in certain applications such as protein shakes.

Product Description Useage
Essential fatty acids Soya oil on dairy base to 80% fat Concentrated source of linoleic and linolinic acid Meal replacer shakes
Omega 3 & Omega 6 Soya or flaxseed oil based Enriched powder form with excellent flavour Nutritional food products
EPA/DHA Powders Fish oil based powders Clean flavour. Highly stable Infant nutrition, food supplements
MCT oil powders 70% oil in powder form Long shelf life. Rapid energy release Sports nutrition. Recovery foods