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Vegetable fat powders: By making an emulsion of vegetable oils with functional carriers (eg milk protein and glucose syrup) and then spray drying it is possible to produce a highly functional ingredient that will easily re hydrate to give a creamy white solution or add apparent moistness and texture to cakes etc. These powders can replace dairy products in creamy soups and sauces or replace vegetable shortening in bakery products and coatings. All products are based on non hydrogenated oils and there are products suitable for both savoury or sweet applications – including acidic, hot or cold, non dairy, vegan suitable, low saturates etc. For applications that need solely vegetable oil in a powdered form then we offer 100% powdered fats made by spray cooling. With shelf lives of up to two years our products offer a huge range of benefits, especially as they have enhanced functionality and lower cost in use than dairy powders.

Product Description Useage
Creamers for soups / sauces 35 – 80% non hydrogenated fats Excellent whitening and creaming, stable, readily dispersible Suitable for dry mix, UHT and retorted
Creamers for desserts Non lauric fats for enhanced flavour Hot and cold applications, dairy and non dairy carriers Custards, milkshake, crème patisserie, vegan ice cream
Acid stable creamers low pH tolerant Stabilised proteins or protein free Tomato soup, chowder, fruit systems
Powdered fats for bakery mixes Min 80% fat in fine powder form Excellent handling. Full range of fat types Cake mix, choux, pastry mix, breads
Dairy free creamers 65% fat on carbohydrate base Clean label, low saturates, wide functionality Dairy free savoury and bakery products
100% powdered fats Pure non HVO fat without carrier Allergen and additive free Gravy, coatings, marinades, bakery mix