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Whipping powders: By combining special emulsifiers with dairy proteins highly functional products are produced. These products, combined with sugar, starch, flavours etc, are whipped in cold milk or water to produce a stable foam to make mousse, topping creams, ice cream etc. Due to the high overrun the whipped product has lower calories and fat than a comparable product based on dairy cream.

The resulting whipped products are very stable which makes them ideal in foodservice and a huge range of textures and overruns can be offered. Acid stable versions are available in case fruit is added or where the cream layer is in contact with fresh fruit. Non HVO and sugar free versions are also possible.

We can even offer dairy free vegan products that are so acid stable that they can be whipped in fresh orange juice!

Product Description Useage
Milk mix aeration Emulsifier based cold whipping High overrun, minimal E numbers Whipped cream, mousse, cake decoration
Water mix aeration Emulsifier based cold whipping Stable texture, cuttable foams Desserts, instant ice cream mix
Acid tolerant aeration Stabilised whipping system Stable aeration in low pH systems Stable when fruit or lemon juice are added
Alcohol tolerant aeration Highly stable aeration Withstands alcohol and long storage Luxury artisan recipes